Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Illustrations for Mobitel

I have just finished a project for Mobitel's new advertising campaign, which consists of 6 portraits of Slovenian athletes. It's been quite a challenge and I hope they've come out recognizable enough so you can tell who is who :)

client: Mobitel
agencies: Publicis & Ajax studio


Unknown said...

Recognizable? Without a doubt;)

Brilliant work, great overall idea too. Too bad there was no place for Zavec, but you can´t have them all:)

keep up your passion & great work

(alias, Ripmork)

Chun Lo said...

Just amazing I love your painting style!

David Smit said...

I'm not familiar with athletes, but these are amazing! Love the colors and shading!

ArtsyBuki said...

Hello, I first saw your work in Imagine FX magazine which drew me to your blog. Your work is fantastic, the colours you use are great and I cant wait to see more. Do you work mostly through traditional painting or digitally?