Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I spent quite some time in the past year working on trial covers for Marvel. I got to pick between Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. In the end I decided to do all of them. Here are the results;


When I started working on this piece, I got too deep into the concept of the background story for the cover art. But then it soon became clear that what Marvel wants for the trial covers is the hero in some kind od a pose with some action around him. So here it is... a very pissed off Hulk.


Martina Merljak said...

Se večkrat vrnem na tvoj blog in pogledam če je kaj novega.
Tvoja dela so res izjemna.
:o) :)

Blaz Porenta said...

Hvala :)

Sabin Boykinov said...

Fantastic work :)